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Tattoo Ointment


Body Buddz teamed up with award winning tattoo artist

Isaac Newman to make 

Isaac Newman's

very own

Tattoo Ointment

Pina Colada

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Isaac Newman

From his humble beginnings in Guanajuato, Mexico, with hard work & perseverance, Isaac Newman accomplished his American Dream of bringing his passion for the art of tattooing to the U.S. where he has established himself as an award winning titan of the industry. Isaac puts that same passion into his tattoo ointment. Teaming with Body Buddz to make the most natural tattoo ointment out there. Visit his Instagram @isaacnewman23 to schedule an appointment. 

Tattoo Ointment

Isaac Newman's very own Pina Colada tattoo ointment comes infused & non-infused. Made with the same all-natural ingredients as our THC balm, but we added VITAMIN E

Enriched with vitamin e, our ointment not only helps your new ink heal better, but it makes your old ones look new.  

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